Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke wear some really great clothes in the Netflix show Do Revenge.

Drea Torres (Mendes), a popular teenager, desires revenge against her ex-boyfriend

Eleanor (Hawke), a social outcast with a vendetta against the girl from her past who spread a

The two decide to "get each other's revenge" in this scheme.

Her school uniform, which she had previously worn loosely, had a tie that was out of tuck and her undershirt protruding.

A pool party look includes a shimmery pink robe, long dangling earrings, and a clear bucket hat.

Throughout the movie, Mendes has a parade of exquisite fits of her own.

Robinson, who is in charge of the show, and Alana Morshead, who is in charge of the clothes, should get credit for this never-ending display of fashionable beauty.