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CIC Formation: How to Register a Community Interest …

How to register a community interest company (CIC) – ...

14/07/2020  · Register as a limited company to become a CIC. If you are setting up your business as a Community Interest Company, you have to register as a limited company first. This can be limited by shares, by guarantee or as a public limited company. Find out more about setting up a limited company on the website.

Want to register a community interest company? We’re …

09/11/2017  · Your company name must: be consistent throughout the application documents; end in ‘Community Interest Company’, ‘CIC’ or ‘C.I.C.’ A CIC by convention is a limited company and therefore would not require ‘Ltd‘Limitedto appear in the company name. Meses Puede ser elegible para su primer aumento de límite de crédito después de solo. Registered office address. Must be: a physical address in the UK

Community interest companies: forms and step-by-step …

22/07/2021  · A Community Interest Company ( CIC) is a limited company, with special additional features, created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit

Community Interest Companies Frequently Asked Questions

An organisation must choose whether it wishes to register as a community interest company (CIC) or a charity. CICs are more lightly regulated than charities but do not have the benefit of charitable status, even if their activities are entirely charitable in nature. What are the differences between community interest companies and charities?

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How do I set up a community interest company?

Like any standard limited company, a CIC must be registered at Companies House. Unlike other companies, a community interest company must also submit form CIC36, signed by all the prospective directors alongside payment of a £35 tarifa, describing the proposed social purpose of the company and providing various other details.

How to form a community interest public limited company Section A1?

3. Form a community interest public limited company (community interest plc) Section A1: please ensure that the company name ends with either ‘community interest public limited company’ or community interest plc ’. If the full company name is not shown on the form, Companies House will reject it.

What is a Community Interest Company (CIC)?

A community interest company (CIC) is a type of company, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. CICs are easy to set up, with all the flexibility and certainty of the company form, but with special features to ensure they are working for the benefit of the community.

How do you change the name of a community interest company?

to change the company’s name to include one of the following designates ‘community interest company’, ‘c.i.c.’ or the Welsh equivalent. There is no need to invent a new name unless you want to; a simple change from “Ltd” to “c.i.c.” will be enough.