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Capital One Savor Review for 2021: Worth It?

20/07/2021  · Capital One Savor Review Lowlights $95 Annual Fee. The Capital One Savor Card will cost about 5 times more per year than the average credit card just to own for 12 months. That alone could scare away some prospective applicants, but you have to consider the value of all the rewards and benefits that fee unlocks.

Capital One Savor Card Review (2021) – Credit Knocks

21/04/2020  · The Capital One Savor Card was created by Capital One to be the simplest cash rewards card in the industry for dining and entertainment. The Savor card from Capital One also has a 2% cash back at grocery stores. This makes for a great benefit if you have a large family and spend tons on groceries.

Capital One Savor Review: Big Rewards on Food and Fun – …

19/04/2018  · Capital One Savor Review: Supersized Rewards on Food and Fun. This card earns 4% cash back on dining and a wide variety of entertainment spending, plus 3% at the grocery store. Big spenders can …

Capital One Savor Card Review |

21/07/2021  · Designed with foodies in mind, the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards card comes with a generous earning rate on both dining and grocery store purchases – making it a great choice whether you prefer dining out or eating in. Plus, it comes with one of the highest rates of cash back on entertainment purchases, including a generous 8 percent on Vivid Seats ticket …

Capital One Savor Card Review: The Best Card for Dining …

12/06/2019  · Capital One Savor Review: What You Need to Know. If a sushi-and-bowling night is part of your weekly routine (but hopefully not all at the same place), the Capital One Savor Card may be the card for you. Its unlimited rewards for dining and entertainment purchases are hard to beat, and you can earn cash back at the grocery store, too.

Capital One Savor Credit Card review – The Points Guy

08/06/2021  · If you like the idea of the Capital One Savor card but aren’t sold on the $95 annual fee, the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is a great option. This lite version comes with a marginally smaller sign-up bonus ($200 cash bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in the first three months of account opening) and 3% back on dining, entertainment, …

Capital One SavorOne Review: Delicious Foodie-Focused …

15/08/2018  · Capital One SavorOne Review: Delicious Foodie-Focused Rewards, for No Fee. Food and entertainment rewards are the centerpiece of this card, which pays an unlimited 3% cash back at restaurants and …

Capital One SavorOne Credit Card Review – The Points Guy

11/06/2021  · The Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is a solid card with no annual fee that is great for those who regularly spend on dining and entertainment. It offers unlimited 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, popular streaming services, and at grocery stores (excluding superstores like Walmart® and Target®), plus 1% on all other purchases.

Capital One SavorOne Credit Card 2021 Review – Forbes

02/01/2020  · The Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is a great no-annual-fee pick for those whose primary focus is on food and experiences. It lives up to its own hype with the ability to earn 3% …

FAQ – capital one savor card review

Is the Capital One savor card worth applying for?

The Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card is a good card that’s worth applying for if you have good credit and your top spending categories include dining and entertainment. The Savor Card gives 4% cash back in those categories, along with 4% back on streaming services, 3% back at grocery stores and 1% back on everything else.

Is the savor credit card the best cash back option?

If you spend heavily on dining, entertainment and grocery store purchases, the Savor card is one of the most rewarding cash back options available. Plus, it comes with a generous introductory bonus unmatched by any other cash back card.

What is the difference between the savor and savorone credit cards?

The SavorOne card offers 3 percent cash back on dining and entertainment purchases, 2 percent on grocery store purchases and 1 percent on other purchases. Unlike the Savor, it does not offer a bonus on Vivid Seats purchases or come with the Postmates Unlimited benefit.

Is the Capital One savor better than the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

On the downside, the card comes with a high $250 annual fee. Though the Chase Sapphire Reserve has a lower rate on dining purchases than the Capital One Savor, it is a great choice for frequent travelers who also want to earn dining rewards. It is packed with travel benefits, including a flexible $300 travel credit every year.