Canadian Tiktoker Captured a Gigantic Moving on a Mountaintop and an Unpleasant Conclusion.

While racing across a mountain in April of that year, Andrew and his colleague when saw something weird at the summit. Within minutes of meeting the Gigantic Moving, Andrew took a video and uploaded it to tiktok, informing the internet community of his encounter. Everywhere he went, individuals were reposting his movies, and the internet community pushed him to keep looking into and updating the most recent facts.

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Gigantic Moving Archaeology

When he questioned the villagers, they claimed that the giant he ran across every year used to travel there before leaving.

Andrew made the decision to return and look into that mountain. A strange base was there when he got there. And somebody told him not to climb the peak. Before, anyone could enter this mountain because it was a national landmark; presently, entry is prohibited.

When he visited to try to figure it out once more, he noticed that several helicopters were hovering about the mountain and that they appeared to be using nets to capture some sort of animal.

A few days later, he posted a video to TikTok with the statement that he was being watched and perhaps the internet community would no longer see him uploading videos. And this is his final video to be shared on Tiktok.

By the end of 2022, his passing had agitated the online community, and a lot of people had shared the image of his obituary online.

They think Andrew has been restrained because he knows too much by an outside power.

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